Preventing Legal Risks from Becoming Legal Problems

Few people ever truly wish to find themselves in the midst of a lengthy legal battle. The total cost of litigation is typically measured in the thousands of dollars. Further, the full effect of a legal problem is not necessarily limited to your bank account. A legal proceeding is almost always accompanied by emotional and psychological stresses, affecting not only yourself but also the people you care about.

Sometimes the best approach to a legal problem is to prevent it from ever happening at all. What does it mean to think preventively about legal problems? Thinking preventively means proactively taking legal action to protect you and your family, thereby preventing what may seem like a trivial legal issue from becoming a more serious, and potentially costly legal problem.

Why is thinking preventively a critical issue?

Only a few years ago, very few Americans would ever predict they would someday become the primary targets of lawsuits, legal procedures, and other claims, made by a wide variety of claimants based on the ever increasing theory of torts and liability, criminal law, family law, and contracts. Today, the fact of the matter is that many Americans are facing claims related to these very legal subjects. Unfortunately, the importance of thinking preventively in the legal arena is never fully realized until after one is blind-sided by the receipt of a petition/complaint alleging what were once believed to be trivial facts or inconsequential issues.

In our experience, the cost of defending a single claim can easily reach thousands of dollars - attorney fees, taking of depositions, pretrial motions, filing fees, and court costs. Even more costly, are the countless hours these legal proceedings take away from your already busy schedule. Therefore we are dedicated to helping you prevent legal risks from becoming legal problems.

We are here to help you.

The purpose of this website is aimed at helping you assess potential risks before there is an issue, thereby placing safeguards that may reduce the possibility of a lengthy and costly legal dispute. In particular, this website focuses on common areas of law in which you can learn how to prevent legal problems, and includes a discussion of issues you may be facing such as, consumer problems stemming from auto repair, contracts, and credit issues. We also discuss various documents, like wills, trusts and powers of attorney that can help you avoid lengthy court proceedings and ensure that your family will be provided for in case of the unexpected.

The content in this website is not intended to constitute legal advice. While we have used reasonable efforts in collecting, preparing and providing quality information and material, this does not warrant or guarantee the accuracy, completeness, adequacy or currency of the information contained on or linked to the website. The information contained herein is for general information purposes only and should not be construed as legal advice or as a legal opinion or conclusion with respect to any specific situation or subject matter. That being said, this website is not designed to be a substitute for consulting with a lawyer. Lawyers can be valuable aids in certain areas. The problem with retaining a lawyer for a consumer issue is that the typical consumer problem is generally worth significantly less in value than the cost of using an attorney. That is why we created this website, so that you can save money and still receive the help you need.

Our Attorney Network

While thinking preventively is certainly beneficial, there may be instances where a legal concern will require the expertise of a lawyer. If you find yourself in this situation, we encourage you to contact our Client Services Center. The earlier, the better. Our Specialists will be able to put you in contact with an experienced attorney in our network for a consultation. This consultation may provide direction in avoiding actions that could have an unfavorable effect on achieving a successful outcome to your legal matter. This is the true purpose of your free consultation benefit:

Find out what you can do right away to keep small problems from turning into huge problems.

Our plan is designed to give you easy access to plan attorneys so that you can practice preventive measures without being deterred by the fear of large legal bills. Please call our Client Services Center if you need the services of one of our Plan Attorneys: (1-800-356-0845).

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