Consultations    Up to thirty minutes with a local Plan Attorney. The purpose of the initial consultation is to help you understand some of the issues related to the legal matter that has arisen. The attorney will explain to you your options and may provide general advice. The consultation is also the time in which costs of the legal matter are explained. Sometimes if your matter is a general legal question, a consultation may answer all your questions. Attorneys are not legally able to give personal opinions during a consultation, review or write documents, or instruct you how to practice law.

Discounted Hourly Rates    If you need to retain or use the attorney's assistance beyond the consultation, you will receive a 25% discount off the attorney's normal hourly rate. The Network of Attorneys is constructed of over 17,000 local practicing providers nationwide, each with over 10 years of experience, expertise and a solid local reputation.

Document Review    As part of your benefits, a local Plan Attorney can review a document. If your document totals more than six pages, you will receive 25% off the attorney's hourly rate, if an hourly rate is charged. If the document totals six pages or less, the document review, (attorney's time) is covered under your benefits.

Simple Dispute Resolution    When a dispute arises with a third party, if the Plan Attorney determines that a simple letter or a phone call to the opposing party is likely to resolve the dispute, you will receive this as part of your benefits at no charge for the attorney's time.

Wills    You can receive discounts associated with the creation of a will. If your needs and circumstances fit the parameters of a Simple Will by your state's definition, then the attorney's time to prepare the document is covered by your benefits. If your needs and circumstances go beyond the parameters of a simple will, as it is defined by your state, then you will receive 25% off the attorney's hourly rate if an hourly rate is charged.

Financial Counseling    You can find possible causes and solutions to your financial problems by utilizing a telephonic consultation with a financial counselor. There are many options to consider when figuring out how to best manage your debt. Most times you want to do a combination of options to help you accomplish your goal.

Debt Management Programs    You can possibly consolidate your debt into one, lower monthly payment, while learning ways to improve your financial health.

Budgeting    You can get on track with a consultation and materials for your personal or family budget. Determine your monthly net income, expenses and come up with a budget is almost always the best place to start.

Financial Planning    You can receive a consultation and discounts when working with a Certified Financial Planner from the Network of providers for assistance in investments and other financial planning needs. Whether you are looking to ask questions related to your retirement, wanting to start saving for a child's college fund, or have questions related to investments, we can help.

Identity Theft Prevention and Educational Center
Online information and libraries can help you and your family take preventative steps to protect your identity. Prevention starts with first understanding what ID theft is and how someone could steal your identity. Learn how to protect yourself and your family.

Access to Identity Theft Counselors
In the event that you believe that your identity has been compromised, you have access to ID Theft Counselors that will walk you through the recovery process if necessary. Counselors will provide connections to information, FTC Affidavits, referrals for legal representation if needed, assessments and resources. Your benefit includes up to three 30 minute telephone consultations with an Identity Theft Counselor.

Access to Local Practicing Attorneys
If you become a victim of ID Theft, and an ID Theft Counselor discovers it necessary for the assistance of an attorney, you will be referred to a local practicing network attorney that has experience in these types of issues. You will receive up to a thirty minute consultation and 25% off the attorney’s hourly rate if an hourly rate is quoted.

Plan Limitations

  • The plan cannot be used in relation to any type of employee related issue or employment law, past or present.
  • The plan is not designed for most business related issues.
  • The plan cannot be used against PAS EAP, any provider or employee of the organization.
  • An attorney cannot prepare or file state or federal income taxes. Tax attorneys are available through the plan to assist you when you are being sued or audited by the IRS.

  • For more information please contact us.

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